MRI Showed Re occurence but PET & CT Looks Normal

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MRI Showed Re occurence but PET & CT Looks Normal

Postby jumpman50512 » Tue Mar 21, 2023 9:52 pm

Hello Everyone

Hope everyone is doing okay. Well, I am still here alive and kicking. Yesterday I got a call from my oncologist who said that the MRI showed a new tumor. So the next step was to do a pet scan which came out normal everything looks fine and has no issues at all. I had a CT with contrast and also look normal but the MRI said a new tumor in the rectal area doctor is a little confused and is wondering why the PET or CT did not show anything. Just wondering if anyone has had this happen before. My CEA is still low and I am CEA-sensitive. Also I had a colonoscopy 5 months ago and nothing new in there also. They are ordering a new colonoscopy also to double-check. Just wondering if anyone has had anything similar like this happen
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