Phase 1 trial.

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Re: Phase 1 trial.

Postby Markdale » Fri Feb 17, 2023 3:35 am

Hi, I finally got a 2nd surgical opinion. The surgeon has a great reputation and I’m sure he will be the one operating, this is important because in here in the public system you do not always get the surgeon you spoke about the surgery too.
He said that he cAn cut them all out with minimal loss of lung tissue. However he has noticed 3 other nodules on the other side but will still cut them out.

I want to see out the trial mainly for the pd1 blocker. I think surgery is the better option though.
Because Mets appear to be still popping up I might have to have some more systemic treatment
09/20:Diagnosed after colonoscopy for bleeding.
MRI and ct scan confirmed tumor at rectosigmoid junction aswell as lung nodules in RLL (1X1.2cm) and RUL (3X.5cm)
10/20: LAR tumour t3n2m1 4/24 lymph nodes.
11/20: pet scan confirmed Mets
11/20: folfoxiri - 10/6/21. 12 rounds in total
12/20: ct lung biopsy of lung nodule Biopsy unsuccessful
1/1/21 thoracotomy 1 met removed that wasn’t noticed on ct
2/2022 sabr to 2 lung nodule
09/22 PET scan progression of sabr’d nodules
10/22 phase 1 trial bispecific antibody

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