"Colorectal Cancer and the Microbiome" -- webinar, Wed April 20th, 10AM, EDT

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"Colorectal Cancer and the Microbiome" -- webinar, Wed April 20th, 10AM, EDT

Postby Peregrine » Fri Apr 08, 2022 12:42 am

"Colorectal Cancer and the Microbiome", webinar, Wed. April 20th, 10AM, EDT

Event Description
    It’s becoming increasingly clear that colorectal cancer – the third most common cancer worldwide – is intricately linked to microbes in the gut.

    By exploring how these microbes influence cancer development and a person’s response to treatment, the international OPTIMISTICC (Opportunity To Investigate the Microbiome’s Impact on Science and Treatment In Colorectal Cancer) team could transform outcomes for people around the world.  
    To increase awareness and education about the Cancer Grand Challenges OPTIMISTICC team, funded by Cancer Research UK research, and to advance interest in future research.
To educate and inform the lay colorectal cancer community about:
    • the role of the gut microbiome in human health and disease

    • the association of the microbiome with colorectal cancer

    • possible implications for prevention and screening of colorectal cancer

    • how lifestyle factors such as diet and antibiotic use may impact the microbiome

    • novel treatment strategies for CRC (e.g. vaccines, immunotherapy)
Reference and RSVP:

Also, if you want to prepare yourself in advance for this webinar, you might want to get a copy of this easy-to-read overview of gut bacteria (i.e., the microbiome), written by a microbiologist:

A Book on Gut Bacteria

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