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I wanted to ask if there is anyone here who has an autoimmune disease (MS, rheuma, lupus) , took medication to suppress the immune system (also in transplant) and then developed cancer. What were the features of your cancer and how did the doctors handle it?
My dad has MS, took immunosuppressant against his MS and then the cancer which was minimally there soread really fast and is aggressive. I hope someone has some experience.

Has MS, 18/19 w Alemtuzumab
01/20 dx adeno
pT3, pN1c (0/13; deposits), pM1 liver
Pn1, R0, G2
Treated: Germany
4x folfox
05-06/20 liver + colon surgery
08-11/2020 folfox, 60% oxaliplatin
02/21 2nd liver surgery
04/21 recurrence
2 weeks: 50% growth
Since 05/21 5x TACE, 7x Folfiri + bev
08/21 still growth, ileus surgery and peritoneal mets,
10/21 Lonsurf Cyramza, failed
Papa died 26th November 2021

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