do your pets help?

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Re: do your pets help?

Postby bluewillow » Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:56 pm

keepcalmcarryon wrote:The refrigerator shots gave me a much needed laugh, thanks!
They are beautiful. I always had Orange cats in the past, I love them but have 2 adopted greys
now. And my brother lives for his Siamese.

It really helps being greeted by them when I come home, it would be so sad and lonely if they weren't there (umm, of course I mean until my husband comes home from work) :wink:

Glad you enjoyed the photos. I like the grays, too. They have such expressive faces. Heck, I'm a sucker for most of them in one way or another. They all have their own special qualities. Cats have always been a part of our family and I can't imagine not having them.

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Re: do your pets help?

Postby betsydoglover » Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:14 pm

My dogs are the best things for me! Six weeks after I was diagnosed, my Lab (like Bev's) was diagnosed with mast cell tumors -had 2 surgeries, did well, passed at age 14 (3.5 yrs after my diagnosis not related t cancer). Byron was my "cancer budy".

In November 2008 I was diagnosed with a lung recurrence;; Byron died in December 2008; in late Feb I adopted a Lab/Golden mix (Rocky). I told my oncologist that I really hoped I had not done a disservice to this dog. Still going strong. My dog makes me happy. When I think about death (which I try not to), I worry more about Rocky than I do about my human family.

Love those fur friends!
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Re: do your pets help?

Postby KarMel » Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:12 pm

Funny, just got home from an all day chemo session. I want to play on computer. My little piece of Shih-tzu is licking my ankles.... his sign for "i want to play toss the toys." Guess who is gonna win? You are right.

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Re: do your pets help?

Postby rachpach » Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:10 pm

Aw!! Yeah pets are the best! I am back at home living with my folks, and while its so cool having their support thru this, they have 4 dogs which I love to bits! They have 2 Border Collies and 2 Bichon Frises, Tyson and Kellie (BC's) and Teddy and Patsy (Bichons). They are like their own wee pack and look out for each other. 2 of them love me to bits, Kellie and Teddy. Before I got diagnosed, Kellz sleeps on my bed sometimes before she goes into their kennel at night. She used to paw around my stomach and touch me on the nose with her nose, almost like she knew! The youngest, wee boy Teddy Bichon is also like my wee nurse! He follows me round everywhere, and is especially caring when I have my "boris" 5FU pump on. They almost know when I have had chemo, must smell funny to them or something! And all snuggle round me if I'm on the couch. Luv them to bits! Fur friends are the best aye, they expect nothing and just give you all this love! We are supposed to be getting a big dump of snow in the next few days here in the South Island of New Zealand, and it's so funny watching them be silly buggers in the snow! I made a mistake a few years back when we had some, of telling the big biy Tyson it was Icecream, so whenever he sees snow now, its lick lick lick lol! Yep. Love my wee fur pals and they are one of my biggest support teams with all this! :)
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Re: do your pets help?

Postby Surroundedbylove » Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:41 pm

Very much so and when I was hospitalized - repeatedly - it also was wonderful that my family could bring my dog to the hospital to visit me (had to be freshly washed that day but pets were allowed as visitors in the private rooms).

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Re: do your pets help?

Postby Monique » Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:20 pm

Great post. And, to answer to your question, Good god, yes!

My cat companions made me feel "normal" when I was undergoing treatment. Frankly, they didn't take it easy on me, and were just as demanding as ever. No pussy-footing around. Oddly, I found a lot of comfort in their behaviour, as, despite my illness, I was still their valued can-opener.

I've always considered my pets as family members and can't imagine my journey without them. This morning, I had to take Maddy, one of my beloved pets, to the vet because of a urinary tract infection. I have a special bond with Maddy, as she was housed in the SPCA, in a small cage, for four out of her five years because no one would adopt her due to her medical history (of course, that resonated with me). Maddy, a black and white, domestic short hair, is the smartest cat I've ever shared my life with. In fact, I often refer to her as "the border collie of the cat world". As I type this she is curled up on my chair, purring away.


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Re: do your pets help?

Postby AJS » Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:13 am

Love this post! YES YES YES pets are so there when you need them. We have 4 dogs and they are my "canine support therapy" group. Let me introduce them to everyone..... Petie (cock-a-poo 13yrs young) is KING of the hill, Mickey (maltese 5yrs), Heinz (lab/setter mix 8yrs & 120lbs) and Blossum (a "very well mixed" 7 year old). They are my pride and joy.

The first summer I did chemo I took Petie and Mickey with me on treatment day. Its was so nice having them cuddle up in my lap during treatment....that is when my nurses didn't have them off visiting other patients. It was nice to see the love and comfort they passed along to other patients.

It doesn't matter what kind of a day you have, they are always happy to see you and share the love.

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Re: do your pets help?

Postby Bill5107 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:49 am

Ahhhh...pets... I have 2 Shih Tzus... one that always expected me to play with him in the evening before Dx. I'd sit in the middle of the couch and sit with my arm propped to make an obstacle for him to jump over...left to right, then right to left, always trying to catch my hand or toy he brought to me. He'd do it about 20 times in a row at least, sometimes 30-40 times before he'd have enough. He also would just "attack" me grabbing my had and barking at me to make me play with him.

Well, when I got ill and layed out on the couch for months just wiped out, he just stopped pretty much on his own. He'd lay at open spots around me on the couch and the like, or on the back of the couch. He really let me rest very nicely. He did the "check me out" thing every now and again too, just sniffing around, looking at my face or whatever.

But here's the best part, After surgery and as I started to really feel better, but was still laid up, he sighed loudly and then took a look at me for about 15 seconds, dropped his front end to the ground (butt still in the air mind you) before he he ran Flintstone-style (slipping on wood floor) directly at me! I was worried he was going to jump on me but he was after my fingers. He firmly grabbed hold and pulled my had where he could play. It was clear he was NOT going to be dissuaded that he'd decided enough was enough and it was TIME TO PLAY! And that's what he did. Hee hee.... He'd lift my hand then do that psychotic dance some dogs to as they play to avoid/attack/avoid. All he wanted was a little play-time. So of course I obliged.

It's pretty cool to watch dogs make up their own games, and this one was easy. I just had to touch him somewhere then let him chase my hand away. lol. It was pretty low key, but I think it did wonders for him to be able to bark and play again. Heck, I think it did me as much good as him :mrgreen:
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Re: do your pets help?

Postby lohidoc » Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:54 am

Cancer or no cancer, who doesn't like to talk about their pets? I'm a lifelong dog lover, live on an acreage in Northern Ontario (my avatar is my backyard) and have 3 dogs. A husky/shepherd cross who looks like a wolf but was a rescue at birth and bottle fed by humans and is totally attached to people as a result. And 2 little terriers, full of character. Dogs have been a source of pleasure and solace all my life. I have no doubt that as I embark on my chemo they will help me get through. They'll make me get out and go for hikes in the woods (I go 3 times a day, 1/2 hour each), snow shoe in the winter and canoeing on my lake whenever conditions are good. They will commiserate with me when I'm feeling sick and be happy if I am well. Look in the eyes of a dog and you will see unlimited love and devotion (and perhaps a request for bones) - look into the eyes of a human (I'm not naming any names) and you will see selfishness and deceit. Any dog lover will know what I mean!

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Re: do your pets help?

Postby SugarBubbie » Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:52 pm

We have two mini dachshunds.......and they are our children. Both are black and tan and are the cutest, smartest, sweetest, neatest, (did I mention cutest) doxxies EVAH!! Our male is Oscar (we adopted him with that name already) and he thinks he's the nurse in the family. If you're not feeling well he's gonna take care of you. That's just his job to him. Our little female is Pookie (I know, but she loves the name) she thinks it's her job to make you exercise every hour on the hour. Get up off the couch and take her outside to do a puppy loop around our pathways in the backyard and make sure you let her know if you see any squirrels. Her mortal enemies.

Oscarbaby stayed with me the entire time I was going thru radiation and chemo for my original cancer (rectal) and he's the same way now that I'm going thru chemo for the breast cancer. He just won't let me out of his sight. They are both really and truly life savers and show so much affection to me (not as much as my hubbie though) to help keep my spirits up while I live with the side effects of Taxol. They even seem to realize that I don't have any hair and aren't bothered by it!!
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Re: do your pets help?

Postby KimT » Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:57 pm

BrownBagger wrote:When I was laid up following surgery (camped out in a corner of the living room on a small bed), I thought our two cats would try to cuddle and otherwise comfort me. Keep dreaming, BB. They ignored me, probably because I didn't look like someone capable of feeding them. I did spend a lot of time sitting at the kitchen table communing with Raymond, my daughter's Beta (Vietnamese fighting fish). He lived at college in her dorm room for two years (so he's got his Associate's Degree), but then she moved off campus and all concerned thought it would be best if Raymond went to live with Grandma and Grandpa. He's my pal; my pet. I take good care of Raymond, and I know he thinks the world of me. He's got more personality than some people.

In a more serious vein, yes, cleaning Raymond's bowl on a regular basis, feeding him twice a day and making sure that he's entertained all give me a great deal of satisfaction. Kind of like gardening--living things respond to care and when they do well, you know you're doing a good job as a caregiver. Just one more reason to feel good about hanging in there.

LOL! That is just like a cat isn't it? My older cat is sort of like that. He is only concerned about himself. He only gets close to us on his terms and gets real lovey dovey when he sees suitcases come out because he knows someone is going away and he hates to be alone. He could care less if I am sick. My little siamese is a different story. She is all about her mommy. She is in my lap any time I sit down and she is so devoted to me. I don't think she notices when I am sick, but it does give me something to focus one besides my own miserable self.

Right now I am in the recliner with the laptop and she is on my lap. My older cat is giving both of us the evil eye. He's not a lap sitter but I think he resents it that she's here. The two of them together are a laugh a minute. They'll get to running and chasing each other around the house. She's small and has got the speed but he's nearly 3 times her size so when he catches her, he sits on her and gives her a good thumping.
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Re: do your pets help?

Postby mum » Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:01 am

My daughters wee dog wont leave her side.He frets when she is away having her treatment.Stays close to her side post chemo.He has cushings disease with no cure so I think he very well trlates to her cancer condition.

He is my dog really but I just let him give her all of the comfort to my girl she needs his company as well espesially on the tough dark days.quite beautiful the contact.this dog will come and get me if my girl is distressed or unwell.He is a fantastic wee fellow even though he has his own issues.just lots of tender love going on.Bless our little critters og feather hair and fur or fins.yea yea.bless you all." Mum"

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