FOLFIRINOX -- Treatment and side-effects

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FOLFIRINOX -- Treatment and side-effects

Postby Peregrine » Wed Jan 24, 2024 9:33 am

    FOL – Folinic acid (i.e., leucovorin)
    F – Fluorouracil (5FU)
    IRIN – Irinotecan
    OX– Oxaliplatin.
FOLFIRINOX Overviews (U.K.):
FOLFIRINOX - Detailed dosing & side effects information for U.K patients (Important !!)
NOTE: Oxaliplatin toxicity and oxaliplatin desensitization protocols -
  • Oxaliplatin desensitization questions
  • Allergic reaction to Oxi
  • Desensitization protocol for oxaliplatin
  • Hypersensitivity Reactions to Oxaliplatin and the Application of a Desensitization Protocol
  • Oxaliplatin - Slower infusion rate. Normally, the Cycle 1 infusion is run at a slower rate (like 3 hours instead of the normal 2 hour infusion). This is so that they can better monitor the patient for reactions during the first infusion. From Cycle 2 onward, however, they will probably try to set up the infusion at the normal rate (like 2 hours to deliver the same amount of chemo that was delivered over a 3-hour span in the Cycle 1 infusion). This might be too fast for you. It would be less stressful on your system if they continued with the slower infusion rate from Cycle 2 onward. The down-side to this is that your infusion sessions would be an hour or more longer than standard if you choose to go with the slower setting. This is something that you could discuss with your oncologist.
  • Oxaliplatin -Lower overall dose of oxaliplatin - I think the standard dose for oxaliplatin is 85mg/m2, but the fall-back dose for patients who cannot tolerate this level is 75mg/m2. It might be better for you over the long haul if you were given the lower dose instead of the standard dose. With the lower dose you would have almost all of the benefits of oxaliplatin, but would have the added possible benefit that you may be able to tolerate oxaliplatin for the treatment period as opposed to having to drop it completely halfway through. This is also something you could discuss with your oncologist.

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Re: FOLFIRINOX -- Treatment and side-effects

Postby JP66 » Thu Jan 25, 2024 7:26 am

Great post.

Thank you for the info. Definitely makes me more informed going into my first round of IV chemo next week.

Much appreciated!

Male 58 y/o
TIIIbN+M1 - Stage IV (10/23) - 2 left common iliac lymph nodes metastatic
MSI - MSS; KRAS non-mutant
Modified Neo-adjuvant Therapy (FOLFIRINOX instead of FOLFOX)
tumor 7.4 cm from AV, moderately differentiated
12/23 - 27 treatments rad+Xeloda
03/24 6 FOLFIRINOX infusions
4/24 PET Scan and MRI - tumor gone, lymph nodes normal
5/30/24 Total Mesorectal Excision (TME) + lymphadenectomy of 2 left common iliac LN
6 rounds FOLFOX sched'd after surgery
CEA (10/23-04/24) 1.8,1.3,1.6, 1.8, 1.6

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