ND appt and scan

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ND appt and scan

Postby beach sunrise » Fri Nov 17, 2023 4:12 pm

ND appt was kinda reassuring. Better than I thought.
IL-8 is high (promotes blood vessel growth). Could very possibly be micromets as surgery can promote this. So mixing things up a little to bring it back down again.
IL-6 is low but not low enough as we want it. So mixing up things on that one.
Foxp3 is in high normal.
Cuereloplasm is higher than we want it (my cancer feeds on it for some reason).
NK's CTL's are some of the best he has seen. My immune system is working very well to fight micromets.
Omega 3 was low so got to supplement that . Ya, another dang pill or 4 ha.
Scan week after Thanksgiving.
As it goes, new plan, new schedule, more bloodwork, ect ect.
8/19 RC CEA 82.6 T3N0M0
5FU/rad 6 wk
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pre cea 24 post 5.9
7 rds 6-10 CEA 11.4 No more
7/20 11.1 8.8
8/20 7.8
9/20 8.8, 9, 8.6
10/20 8.1
11/20 8s
12/20 8s-9s
ADAPT++++ chrono
10/23/22 26.x
12/23/22 22.x
1/5 17.1
1/20 15.9
3/30 14.9
6/12 13.3
8/1 2.1
Nodule RML SUV 1.3 5mm
Rolles 3 of 4 lung nodules cancer
Chem-sens test failed Not enough ca cells to test

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Re: ND appt and scan

Postby skimom » Tue Nov 21, 2023 1:10 pm

Happy to hear it was at least somewhat reassuring :)
I’ll be praying for best news on your scans next week.

I have mine this afternoon and have never in my life had this much anxiety over something that is out of my control. It’ll be what it will be and I know that. And if I don’t get the best news it just means I’ve gotta find another route and it is possible.

Happy Thanksgiving (I’m very thankful for you!) and let us know how next week goes!
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01/06/23 started Folfox (10 cycles)
Initial CEA 5608
CEA after 4 rounds 1319
CEA after 6 rounds 427
CEA after 9 rounds 95
HAI pump installed 06/20/23
Start FOLFIRI and FUDR 07/05/23
CEA down to 37
9/2023 Switch back to FOLFOX due to new lung nodules

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