Above Hip bone

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Above Hip bone

Postby deha50 » Sun Jul 16, 2023 8:24 pm


I have a message to my oncologist, but I was hoping someone on this board can share some positive news with me? So, I had a recurrence in November and had my ovary removed. At the end of March, I also had a kidney removed due to all my surgeries. That was non-cancerous, so that was good. In the past ten days, I noticed a new sensation in my lower abdomen just above my hip bone. I can feel something there, but it is also where the incision is from my ovary removal in December. It is the length of the incision. I am an avid runner and have increased my hiking in rugged mountains in Maine and am wondering if I might have tweaked something from one of my 2 surgeries? I welcome any information. Thanks so much.


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