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Postby Wedontgiveup » Thu Jun 29, 2023 5:46 pm

Hi All,

I’ve reached a point of confusion.

Back story:

39 year old husband dx with adenocarcinoma cecum mod diff kras g12d Mid May 2023. Colon surgeon says it’s resectable. Liver surgeon says 2 stage resection can be done. Currently doing 6 courses of folfiri and avastin ( first dose this June 22) then rescan mid august. When we met with the oncologist he told my husband the patients his age who stay active and fit are doing very well. We met with a naturopath and got a low carb diet plan as well as some supplements that include: mushroom powder, omega 3, greens powder, deep immune tinture, melatonin, vitamin d, multi vit. We haven’t started the whole regimen of supplements yet. However he did start the diet plan about 3 weeks ago. He started at 222 lbs pretty muscular guy 5,9” but technically overweight and pre diabetic. In 3 weeks he has gone down to 214 lbs. He has pretty good energy and only lost his appetite for day 3/4 post chemo. He walks or does resistance training 30-45 min daily.

My question: how do I tell if this is weight loss from diet changes or disease? I get so much mixed messages. Some say for him to stay active and eat healthy and others say slow down and don’t cut calories. Needless to say we feel like we are being pushed and pulled with the benefits and detriments of everything ??

Any advice would be great- thanks in advance

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