If you didn't share your diagnosis at work...

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If you didn't share your diagnosis at work...

Postby ginabeewell » Fri Oct 28, 2022 1:30 pm

... and you'd be willing to share your experience, would you mind commenting here?

I am working on a pro bono initiative that sheds light on the fear that people sometimes experience when it comes to sharing their diagnosis at work.

Specifically, I am trying to identify a few people who might be willing to share their stories who are based in the US, UK and/or France - and I figured I may as well reach out to this community as a first step!

Thank you!
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Re: If you didn't share your diagnosis at work...

Postby horizon » Sun Oct 30, 2022 5:38 pm

I worked with a small group that was part of a larger (but not big) department. I told the people in the small group an no one else at work. Plenty of people had no idea and might still have no idea of what I went through.
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Re: If you didn't share your diagnosis at work...

Postby John72 » Sun Nov 06, 2022 7:24 pm

I worked in a division of 150 employees and a position where I was fully visible to everyone else. I told five or so people, including my direct supervisor and the division head, and asked them not to tell anyone else. They didn’t as the rumor machine was running off the rails when I got back after 8 months.

And that’s why I didn’t want to share. My business, in an organization where my future career(if any), was going to be in a fairly visible upper management position. I didn’t want a whole bunch of people yapping about me. They did anyway, but at least they were entirely clueless and basically inventing things.
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