Brachytherapy for local recurrence/ostomy reversal?

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Brachytherapy for local recurrence/ostomy reversal?

Postby heiders33 » Mon Aug 29, 2022 1:29 pm

This might be a long shot, but has anyone here ever been treated with radiation seeds (brachytherapy) for a local recurrence? I had this done in late 2019 and it cured my cancer (yay!) but has caused a lot of damage to my rectum - cavity, inflammation, festering infection. I had to get a colostomy last December to stave off sacral bone infection, which was a huge help. I am still at risk of infection however, so I am trying to decide between two options: 1) get most of the rest of my rectum (the damaged part) resected with a re-do LAR and flap, a temporary ileostomy, and then a reconnection after a few months, or 2) do an APR with flap and keep the colostomy. I am heavily leaning toward option 2, especially since I have done radiation twice and am worried about bowel function, but would be grateful if there's someone out there who has had brachytherapy for a local recurrence, had their ostomy reversed, and can speak to what their bowel function is like. TIA!
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11/19 - local recurrence, brachytherapy, 3 weeks targeted radiation
12/21 - end colostomy

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