Late effects of radiation to bowel loops?

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Late effects of radiation to bowel loops?

Postby crybaby » Mon Aug 29, 2022 12:08 pm

This month has been quite bad for dad's bowels. He have been having trouble with gas getting trapped and some bowel blockage. Our local gastro tells us it might be because of some adhesions or strictures developed due to LAR or ileo reversal surgery. We had to visit ER 3 times to get some relief. Also my dad have some pelvic mets which is kinda on the lower side like only a little bit high of ureter (as I tried to read that PET scan film) to which he already got radiation.
Now to the problem what actually happens, my dad was actually ends up getting some bowel blockage for that time the motion won't pass much and lots of gas will start forming in his belly which cause him pain. My local gastro's theory is that there is some stricture at GI junction that get stuck at some angle and start this whole problem. For which he advised my dad to continue (psyllium husk with lactitol monohydrate) and MoM based laxative to keep the stools soft so they won't get stuck anywhere. It helped my dad for 2 weeks but a day ago, he had that sweet lime juice which ended up causing some trapped gas or blocked bowel again. (I really doubt its that juice because citrus fruits always have been troubling for him)

Now talking on the cause of problem, I think it have something to do with that pelvic radiation in April/May for 25 fractions. Radiation did cause him grade II and grade III toxicities. Now I have this theory, where I think radiation have effected the lube of bowel loops.

So have you guys heard of damage to bowel loops from radiation and is there a way to improve over those side effect and also what are your opinions on citrus fruits?

Love You All.

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Re: Late effects of radiation to bowel loops?

Postby Rock_Robster » Tue Aug 30, 2022 4:37 am

Sorry to hear - sounds rough. Rad oncs can look at the treatment plan and see if any bowel was in-field (they did this for me to check on some digestive issues after SABR) - perhaps worth asking their opinion on whether this could be implicated or if more investigation is necessary?
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