Cryotherapy Qs

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Cryotherapy Qs

Postby hopeinGod2 » Tue Jul 12, 2022 3:44 pm

... for lung lesion, now grown to 1.6. x 1.4 cm as of last week's CT-scan.

1. Does all cryo preserve the tumor in an ice ball so that it can be biopsied? Or is is destroyed in the process?
2. Any recommendation for an good interventional radiologist on the East Coast? I am in FL.

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11/18 TAE
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3/19 PET Lung RM node 6mm
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7-11/19 CAPOX 6 cycles
6/20 CT NED
2/22 CT 1.4cm nodule RM lobe
3/22 PET RML 12 x 11mm, 2.8 SUV
11/22 Lobectomy RU/RML
10/2023 Signatera neg.
11/2023 CT spot in liver, MRI liver protocol rec.
12/23 Colonoscopy clear

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Re: Cryotherapy Qs

Postby Suelee20 » Thu Jan 12, 2023 4:16 pm

Hi hopeinGod2,

I was wondering if you pursued the cyroablation? and if so, was it successful? I'm about to ask our dr about this. It's not available where we live but hoping to travel if it could be an option for us.
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