So……….I Have A First Date Tomorrow

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Re: So……….I Have A First Date Tomorrow

Postby prayingforccr » Sat May 07, 2022 5:12 pm

Kick'nAssCancer'sAss wrote:Just be honest with yourself
If the shoe was on he other foot when would you want the woman to let you know.
You will have your answer.

Good luck


One of my most oft used expressions when I managed 9 juniors was “Don’t make your problem, my problem.”

In that vein, I personally do not in anyway think it’s fair or right to let anyone in unless I somehow get to stable/remission.

I can’t ask anyone to share this burden or make them feel any negative emotions for not wanting to do so.


Feels like I’m half alive.

But I’m better than I was one and two years ago.
11/19: colonoscopy
12/19: diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer 6+cm tumor
1-3/20: 20 sessions of radiation, mon-fri capecetibine+clinical trial drug m3814
7/20: 8 treatmentsFOLFOX
11/20: Primary tumor had complete response. Possible tumor deposits on latest mri. Biopsy negative for cancer.
5/21: Multiple lung nodules (3-6mm) on ct scan
10/21: md anderson gives me 1 year without treatment/3 years with folfiri/avastin (refused)
3/22 No growth in nodules 6 months…..most showing cavitation.

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Re: So……….I Have A First Date Tomorrow

Postby saltygirl » Mon May 09, 2022 9:33 am

Seems like a fun night. My 2nd child was born in south Florida. Great place to live. Since I have been dealing with cancer few of my friends have died suddenly. 2 had heart attacks in their 40s and were found dead. I feel that you don’t have to explain to anybody anything. You are not marrying this woman. Just go out with different women and have fun. Since stage 4 I have started a club for women to be active. Now I have over 500 members. We have been on different trips together. Only few from the club know my situation. I have also started another language / travel club. I am looking for an opportunity to go back to work. But need flexible schedule. Because I want to travel. Daughter is out of state for college. Son will most likely be in another state as well. The conclusion is. Live your life to the best you can every day. I get you are depressed. I was as well. But being active and getting out of the house helped me a lot. Hope this helps.

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