"Veterans and Cancer" -- webinar re-cap + resources

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"Veterans and Cancer" -- webinar re-cap + resources

Postby Peregrine » Mon Mar 28, 2022 3:39 am

"In a March 24, 2022 webinar, The Colon Club brought together veterans and VA representatives to discuss some of the challenges and to share strategies for coping with the complexities that come with a cancer diagnosis in the military community."

For a list of the resources shared in the webinar, go to:

https://www.colonclub.com/programs-supp ... and-cancer

"Active duty military members, veterans and their families face unique challenges when navigating a cancer diagnosis. In addition to the extra complexities that can come with navigating the military and VA healthcare systems, cancer treatment and side effects can prevent members from performing required duties which can affect overall service eligibility and career outcomes."

A recording from the webinar can be found here:


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Re: "Veterans and Cancer" -- webinar re-cap + resources

Postby JasonRandall » Wed Sep 07, 2022 1:34 pm

Hi all! Just wanted to follow up with a few things that have happened since this webinar.

First, The PACT Act has been passed! www.va.gov/pact has lots of new information for those people wanting to file a claim for compensation and now "All GI Cancers" are considered presumptive service-connected if your records fit the conditions and areas of operation the bill covers.

After attending the webinar, I went to my Senator's office and got help from them. They sent me to the Kansas Commission on Veteran Affairs which overlooked my 2x denied claim and they submitted it for me in late June after their review of my supplemental evidence and the letter I wrote to the Senator's office. The timing was perfect with the law and my claim was accepted on the day the law was signed for 100% service-connected for metastatic sigmoid colon cancer and explained that it was the passage of the PACT Act which qualified me finally due to "Exposures during the Gulf War."

Thanks so much for hosting and putting these resources out there to help Veterans!
-Jason Randall
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