Worried about cea

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Worried about cea

Postby doctorsuma » Wed Dec 29, 2021 5:58 am

Hi there
My spouse had stage 3c. Went through LAR of sigmoid colon and then 11 rounds of folfox.he got into septicemia last round and was admitted .
After everything we went to Mayo Rochester had a PET scan done there .Everything was clear except a light up in the area of rectal anastomoses.We did a colonoscopy thinking it was a recurrence but it was just a stricture at the anastomoses site .The colorectal surgeon dilated it said there was nothing to biopsy .Cea at that time was 2.4
After 3 months now it’s time for first follow up .Cea has increased to 5.6 .rest of blood work was normal
He has symptoms of the stricture again though with gas bloating etc .
Worried about cea rise .Ct scan has been ordered again .has anyone experienced a rise in cea this quick ?

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