Is 6 cycles of Folfox enough?

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Is 6 cycles of Folfox enough?

Postby ktex » Sun Nov 21, 2021 3:27 pm

Hello all,
I start my first of six cycles of folfox on 12/1. I will ask my oncologist about this as well but everything I’m seeing online is a minimum of 8 cycles. Has anyone else only had 6 and was it successful?

I have stage IIIb CC, G2, 2/29 + LN.

Thank you
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Start Folfox 6 cycles on 12/1/21

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Re: Is 6 cycles of Folfox enough?

Postby roadrunner » Sun Nov 21, 2021 5:33 pm

I ended up having 8, though Oxi was pulled or limited for two. I had a lot of conversations with my team that suggested 6 was enough. I think I also saw studies indicating that 6 wasn’t different from 8 on many important measures, though I have only a vague memory there at this point (might be worth a look). I would add, though, that unless you have serious neuropathy issues or dangerous complications, my two cents is that you will feel better in the future if you finish the 8. I got a very big benefit from it, but I think most of the measurable benefit occurred in the first 4. It’s hard to say about “success.” That’s the reason for a conservative approach.
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