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polyp removed- STILL bleeding

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2021 7:07 pm
by Koreysue
Hi All,
I had my colonoscopy a couple weeks ago, and a 10 mm sessile polyp was found, so they want me to do yearly colonoscopies. That’s fine.
What’s not fine, is that I was having rectal bleeding prior, and the doctor did not note any hemorroids in his notes post colonoscopy. He was very detailed with everything else. I am still having rectal bleeding any time I take a walk longer than 2 miles, accompanied by rectal pressure.
So if no hemorroids were seen, they why in the world am I bleeding?
Maybe he saw them but just didn’t chart them?
I called to inquire and the nurse just said “ he thinks it’s likely from a hemorroid“
Do you guys think I should get a second opinion, or a rectal exam to CONFIRM since he is likely trying to go off memory and had several colonoscopies to do that day?

Thanks in advance for any input,