Colon cancer concern

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Colon cancer concern

Postby Ennisdavis » Sat Nov 06, 2021 9:46 pm

First, sorry in advance for the long stoty. So i believe i not only have colon cancer, but it has spread to other areas like my lymph nodes. The real constipation and gas started 2 months ago. Contipation as in hard to pass stools but at least once a day. My gi doc says he doesnt think i have cancer. He said 150k people get it a year, 300mil people in the world, do the math he said. Can you believe that. Its really 100mill people (adults) so thats around a 1% chance of getting it in a perfect world. Then i had a colon oscopy 4 years ago and i was clean as a whistle. So if its slow growing, like 10 years How do people get it after a few years of a perfect scope? So in my irregular stools, some hard, some think, some lumpy hard, there have been occasional pink coloring and streaks in the stool. For about 8 months i have had pain in my groin and tail bone area. Had an xray of hip area, looked good so i didnt give it a second thought. Now iam thinking lympnodes. Thats where they are located. As for the pain in my tail bone area, doc says its from sitting. Close to my rectum area that iam having issues with. Colonoscopy scheduled next week and i am really worried.

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Re: Colon cancer concern

Postby boxhill » Mon Nov 08, 2021 1:07 pm

Try to wait for the colonoscopy before diagnosing yourself. :) We all know that sometimes it is easier said than done. It's good that you are having the scope, and let's hope the news is good.
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