Galleri ,Signatera ect

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Galleri ,Signatera ect

Postby beach sunrise » Mon Nov 01, 2021 5:40 pm

Galleri results show negative not only for CRC but 49 other cancers.
Of the 3 main advanced cancer tests I've taken its been an all clear.
I will continue ADAPT+++ for a few plus years to keep the dormant cells dormant and kill any micro cells circulating under the radar.
Whew, such good news so far.
8/19 RC CEA 82.6 T3N0M0
5FU/rad 6 wk
IVC 75g 1 1/2 wks before surgery. Continue still twice a week
Surg 1/20 APR -margins T4bN1a IIIC G2 MSI- 1/20 LN+ LVI+ PNI-
pre cea 24/post 5.9
7 rds 6-10 CEA 11.4 No more
7/20 CEA 11.1 8.8
8/20 CEA 7.8
9/20 CEA 8.8, 9, 8.6
10/20 CEA 8.1
11/20 CEA 8s
12/20 CEA 8s-9s
ADAPT++++ chrono 1/23 TM drug
10/23 26.x
12/23 22.x
1/5/23 17.1
1/20/23 15.9
Nodule RML SUV 1.3 5mm
Chem-sens test NCI "Test failed Not enough ca cells to test

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