Fertility after Stage 3 Surgery and Chemo

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Fertility after Stage 3 Surgery and Chemo

Postby LivinginHope » Tue Oct 12, 2021 1:35 am

Some of you may have seen my posts from my Husbands journey and how worried we were about fertility post surgery and chemo. I'm sharing this for other younger people who may have similar worries.

In Oct 2020 he had LAR surgery to remove a rectal tumour and it was found he had lymph node involvement and would need Chemo. He had 3 months of CAPOX, ending March 2021.

We were advised to wait 6 months before trying for a baby, which we were planning to, however a higher power intervened and 5.5months after his chemo ended we found out we are pregnant with out first baby!

We had banked sperm just in case, the oncologist even said she had never known anyone become infertile after CAPOX But she wouldn't put her life on it. It was such a relief to not need any intervention and for things to just happen.

We had our 12wk scan yesterday, baby is growing perfectly and all looks as it should. We feel truly blessed :D
Husband (36):
- 5/10/20 Rectal CA
- 21/10/20 LAR, 21 nodes removed
- 31/10/20 5/21 positive=Adj Chemo. Surgery=R0
- 11/20 Sperm banked
- 1/12/20 Onc appt: confirmed T3N2M0, regional not distant nodes. Pre-op CEA 2.7/post op 0.7. No mutations. Plan 6m of CAPOX.
- 12/20 Round 1
- 4/1/21 Onc appt: new evidence, 3m is as good as 6m, REDUCED regime to 3m! Round 2. Pre-chemo CEA 0.6
- 25/1/21 Round 3. Pre-chemo CEA 1.1
- 17/2/21 Round 4.
- 2/3/21 Chemo ends
- 07/21 CLEAR CT SCAN & CEA 0.7
-10/21 CEA 1.1

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Re: Fertility after Stage 3 Surgery and Chemo

Postby Atoq » Tue Oct 12, 2021 1:19 pm

Congratulations!! Really nice news! :D


1972, 2 kids
Dx rectal cancer 10.2017
T3N2aMX (met left lung 8 mm)
Lynch neg
CEA 1.8
Neoadjuvant chemoradio Xeloda + 25x2 Gy
05.12.17 laparotomic surgery for blockage, colostomy
25.01.18 laparotomic lar, hysterectomy, ileostomy
05.03.18 core needle lung biopsy
07.05.18 CAT scan, lung met 11 mm
04.06.18 ileo reversal
26.06.18 wedge VATS
24.08.18, 31.02.19 CAT scan
12.09.18, 06.02.19 scope, CEA 1.6
19.11.18 colonscopy
20.08.19 CAT, eco
13.09.19 scope, CEA 1.2
18.03.20 CAT, eco, scope, NED
29.11.20 CAT, NED

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Re: Fertility after Stage 3 Surgery and Chemo

Postby CancerBum21 » Fri Oct 15, 2021 8:36 pm

Congratulations!! I’m so happy for y’all!! Soon you will be in the dirty diapers club too.
DX:(Rectal Cancer) 2/15/21
Stage: T1N0M0
TAMIS Surgery 3/10/21
Pathology: T1NxM0 - LIV positive, 1/1 lymph positive Stage IIIA
FOLFOX 6 rounds
Radation & Xelota 5 weeks

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