Am I screwed?

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Am I screwed?

Postby behconsult » Thu Jul 22, 2021 8:08 pm

Hello everyone,

I just got scans back and indicated enlargement of the hilum and hilar. I am Braf V600e and am grateful to be out past 7 years. I have a cough and shortness of breath that is bothersome. I am scheduled to meet with a interventional pulmonologist however it is not until next month. I have cryoablation in early August on two lung lesions. I am scared. I have two kids age 11 and 14, I am hoping to raise until they get out of the house. I will likely go one the triplet therapy for BrafV660e
Anyone aware of treatment ideas? Bob

Chest: Hypermetabolic pulmonary lesions within the right lung which appear to
be significantly worse since the prior exam. Right lower lobe mass with
maximum SUV of 14.2, previously 3.9. Intense uptake within the right hilum
with maximum SUV of 12.8. Left hilar uptake with maximum SUV of 14.1. This is
new since the prior exam. Physiologic FDG uptake is seen in the myocardium.
Stage 4 Age 56 BrafV660E 5/14
spot on perit/ Right side tumor
Resctn 6/9/2014
Folfox strt 7/2014. 6 of 12 tx
Chemo induced DM2
Pet 4 mets to lung (1 cm, 6 mm) Xeloda/Avastin 9/16 to present.
Cryo-ablation to four spots- Collapsed lung/chest tube 2x
Possible local recurrence in a spot or two on PET. Stable CT

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Re: Am I screwed?

Postby saltygirl » Fri Jul 23, 2021 11:54 am

Congratulations on 7 years. “Bowel babe” in UK is braf and was on the same regimen for last few years. I think she was the 1st person in UK getting it. She is a “celebrity” in UK. She is on Instagram. Good luck.

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Re: Am I screwed?

Postby JB09 » Mon Nov 08, 2021 3:43 pm

7 years with BRAF is a milestone. Congrats. Are you MSI? My husband is MSS. Currently on 2nd line chemo.

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