Focus Group re Cancer: $100 fee

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Focus Group re Cancer: $100 fee

Postby zephyr » Mon May 24, 2021 5:44 pm

Saavy is recruiting for people living with cancer who have received treatment in the last 12 months. Here are the link and the details if you're interested:

Design review and user testing
Multiple opportunities:
60-minute virtual interview
60-minute asynchronous activity
From home

Eligibility criteria:
Adult who has been diagnosed with cancer
NOTE: Only patients with verified diagnoses will be considered
Received treatment for cancer within the last 12 months
US resident

Nov-2009 Early stage CRC, routine colonoscopy
2010-2014 F/U colonoscopies, all clear
Jun-2016 CRC during F/U colonoscopy, surgery, Stage 4, KRAS, MSS, inop lung mets
Aug-2016-May-2018 Folfox, 5FU & Avastin, 5FU, Folfiri & Cyramza
Aug/Sep-2018 YAG laser surgeries (Germany), 11 nodules removed
Nov-2018 clean CT scan
Mar-2019 New lung nodules
Apr-2019 Dec-2020 Xeloda/Avastin, SBRT, cont. Xeloda/Avastin
Mar-2021 Forfiri/Avastin
Mar-2022 Ablation & Thoracotomy
Feb-2023 Folfiri

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