1 year post bowel resection, CT scan shows infection

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Re: 1 year post bowel resection, CT scan shows infection

Postby Green Tea » Tue Apr 20, 2021 11:24 am

shinny wrote:Hi all, asking this on behalf of my sister in laws Mum. They are a little worried.

My Sister in law's Mum had a bowel resection last year followed by chemotherapy. She had a CT scan about 2 weeks ago and they've just contacted her with the results. They said it looked like there was an infection in her bowel and pelvic area. She's to go in for a follow-up next week.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas of why this might have happened? She's terrified :(

To answer this question it would help to have a few details about your sister-in-law's Mum: Was the resection in the colon, or in the rectum? What kind of resection was it -- LAR? ULAR? hemicolectomy? etc.

If she had LAR or ULAR with the re-connection (anastomosis) in the pelvic area, then this could be related to a leak in the anastomosis connection.

We need a few more details to really understand the situation.

Thank you.

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