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FGFR1 amplification and EGFR amplification

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 4:52 pm
by boswind
Hi All,

Long time no see. Amazingly my disease is still kind of "stable". Recently, I had a liquid biopsy done, showing
FGFR1 amplification (medium) and
EGFR amplification (low).

My oncologist is thinking that after my current treatment fails, he would use an off-label medicine targeting at FGFR1 amplification. Currently there are 6 medicines approved for anti-FGFR1 amplification; none of them is for colon cancer. But he honestly says none of them would work since I already used regorafenib and failed.

Also now I am saying to him that we may try Cetuximab+ Irinotecan for EGFR amplification. But he does not think it would work.

I would appreciate your comments