FoundationOne CDx Testing Results!

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FoundationOne CDx Testing Results!

Postby camicom » Fri Nov 13, 2020 3:04 pm

Hello all, I just had this testing done, and my oncologist didn't really cover it with me. I know the basic Kras, Braf, etc but the muts are a little confusing. Would any of you take a look at this and offer me you opinion?

Thanks in advance ... -947k?da=y
6/17 Colonoscopy 5cm Malignant Neoplasm in Transverse Colon
CEA 1.2
Stage 3A
11/23 CT scan showed multiple Liver Mets
12/03 MRI showed 35 Liver mets largest being 2cm many very small Not resectable
12/10 CEA 4.5nl
12/11 Port Placement
12/12 Liver Biopsy confirming tumor same type as before
12/17 Started FolFox with Avastin
3/21 MRI Showed average 40% shrinkage and tumor inactive or dead
4/15 Started 4000mg daily of Xeloda as Maintenance
6/24 CT scan showed no growth, everything stable

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