Clinical trial for CCR5 positive metastatic tumors

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Clinical trial for CCR5 positive metastatic tumors

Postby martd » Fri Aug 07, 2020 10:52 pm

This is a clinical trial that has shown very good results in triple negative metastatic breast cancer. It's been expanded to include over 20 different solid tumors including colon cancer.
49 y/o male dx 11/2017 crc
Stage 4 with 17 liver Mets, cea 490
12 rounds folfox , avastin
5/18 cea 2.8 liver resection and pve
7/18 part 2 liver resection, remove right side of liver
Surgical site mrsa infection, wound vac
8/18 cea .9 cCR, rectal tumor is gone
Rectal surgery postponed, watch and wait
10/18 clear scan CEA .7
01/19 clear scan CEA .9
04/19 clear scan CEA .9
07/19 clear scan CEA 1.0

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