That was a shock..

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That was a shock..

Postby ilovemyfrenchie » Thu Jul 09, 2020 1:45 pm

Hi guys, little update.

My mom went through with the liver ablation, but now found out she has a large pleural effusion and ascites during her hospitalization post op. They drained it and it came back positive for cancer. Just had a pet scan to confirm peritoneal and lung wall mets.

3 weeks later she had to have her lung lining drained again. Looks like she’s giving up. She’s hungry but can’t eat.. They said her stomach didn’t feel full, but she looks 7 months pregnant.

Questions..Does anyone have experience with ascites and pleural effusion? Do you guys have permenant drains placed for them?

Or is it the cancer itself making her stomach bloated?

It’s crazy how fast this is happening! Before the ablation. She was fine.

Dr wants to try Xeloda pills and IV erbitux??
Daughter to 59 yo w/ Stage 4 Mets to liver & peritoneal
10/1/17 ER trip for GI bleed found rectal tumor (CEA 71)
10/2/17 emergency colostomy (no resection, told tumor inoperable due to Mets found)
10/17 started Folfiri with Avastin (CEA 171)
8/18 CT = liver Mets continue to shrink (CEA 4)

“Chemo for life” hoping for surgery soon

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