New Yorkers Needed!

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New Yorkers Needed!

Postby mpbser » Wed Feb 26, 2020 2:51 pm

My husband (the one w/cancer & is in public relations/affairs) has recently taken on a new client and is working on a drug-price control campaign that has the potential to impact chemo-drugs. He needs to get people from the state of New York involved. If interested in learning more, please PM me so I can put you in touch with him. Thanks in advance!
Wife 4/17 Dx age 45
5/17 LAR
low grade
1st primary T3 N2b M1a
Stage IVA
8/17 Sub-total colectomy
2nd primary 5.5 cm T1 N0
9 of 96 nodes
CEA: < 2.9
Lynch no; KRAS wild
Immunohistochemsistry Normal
Fall 2017 FOLFOX shrank the 1 met in liver
1/18 Liver left hepatectomy seg 4
5/18 CT clear
12/18 MRI 1 liver met
3/7/19 Resection & HAI
4/1/19 Folfiri & FUDR
5/13/19 HAI pump catheter dislodge, nearly bled to death
6-7 '19 5FU 4 cycles

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