Discharge-Bearing Down. Please help

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Discharge-Bearing Down. Please help

Postby StupidAssCancer » Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:34 pm

I have my ileostomy for 8 years, I don’t have a colon. And this has never happened to me before. I do not have discharge, ever. I have a rectal stump and J pouch. Today it started cramping and turned into major bearing down every 3 minutes with spasms and cramping.
My question- IS THERE ANYTHING YOU TAKE TO RELIEVE THE PAIN ASSOCIATED WITH THIS? My dr can’t see me until the 28th :?
Stage 3c Colorectal Cancer
Surgery March 2013 Jpouch Temp Iliostomy
May 2013Chemo Infusions 5-FU Oxi Lev-Allergic
Radiation w/Xeloda Chemo-Allergic
Oct 2013 Reversal of Ostomy Nov 2013 Perm Ileostomy
Feb 2016 Ostomy collapsed moved to other side
Jun 2016 colon removed permanent ileostomy

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