Way Way Way off topic but

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Way Way Way off topic but

Postby kiwiinoz » Thu Jan 09, 2020 5:13 pm

Hi Guys

As some of you may recall I moved house to an old terrace in NOV 2018 (130 year old long & narrow old brick house where the walls on the sides are connected to the neighbours house).
I found some flying ants as I called them in DEC 2018 and got the pest control guys out to look at the place and service it in JAN 2019 & SEP 2019.
I found some hollow wood on the stairs, and a hollowed out door frame under the stairs on 28 DEC 2019 and called the pest control guys who sent out their termite specialist.
I found some more hollow wood in the architraves of the sitting room and some "mud" on the ceiling where one of the support beams are and had the pest control guy out for a follow up.
We have started baiting and the bait on the stairs was untouched. We drilled a hole in the plaster in the ceiling and we have what was termed a "serious infestation of termites".
He wants to come back out, get under my house, and into the neighbours house on either side to try to find the nest.

Does anyone have any experience with termites and have any input into this? I'm honestly a little down on this at the moment and I simply want to see if anyone else has gone through a similar experience, what they did, and how long it took. I know we'll get through it but want to get an idea of how long it took for other people and if there is any advice on how you would suggest we deal with this?

It is summer in Sydney, and we are moving into the hot and humid season right now.

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