New book by Colon Club's VP of Operations

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New book by Colon Club's VP of Operations

Postby O Stoma Mia » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:18 pm

What I Wasn't Expecting When I Was Expecting: A Grieving Widow's Memoir
by Kristina Smith, February 29, 2019

Kristina Smith wrote: In the past few years, after suffering the loss of my husband Joe to colon cancer, many have told me that I have a story to tell. I have been told the love between my husband and me is something most people only dream of, something that many never experience. Our love story is often called a fairy tale. Maybe it is, but our love story is my hard reality.Despite our story of pain, suffering, personal sacrifice, hopelessness, helplessness, and anger that we have been robbed of our life together, our love story prevails. It’s my favorite story of all. And through it all, I’ve experienced the mercy of our Heavenly Father, who has given me the faith, hope, and love I needed every step of the way.This book is written in honor of the greatest fight of love I’ve ever witnessed or experienced. I wrote this book primarily for my own healing, but I hope many others will experience healing after reading the words I was able to pour out onto these pages. I’ve always expected nothing but greatness for my life—our life—and greatness is exactly what I have.May my words bring comfort, empathy, sympathy, healing, hope, strength, or whatever it is that will help heal your broken heart. I also pray that my words will give you a greater capacity to help others—both friends and strangers—as they walk through their own pain and suffering. May our story spur each of us on to love others well.



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