Kimberly Fund 2019

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Leighann Sturgin
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Kimberly Fund 2019

Postby Leighann Sturgin » Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:35 pm

The Colon Club is accepting applications for Kimberly Fund grants. A $2,000 grant will be awarded to a child (under 18) whose primary caregiver has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. This is a FUN grant in memory of Kimberly Troisi-Paton to take your child on a trip, to see a professional sporting event, or whatever brings joy to your child's heart so he or she can forget about cancer for just a minute or two. *valid proof of diagnosis is required
F 44 yo
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8/04 hyserectomy
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07 splenectomy
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The Kimberly Fund Director

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Re: Kimberly Fund 2019

Postby Lee » Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:11 pm

This may not apply, butt I nominate Beansmama's daughter. I don't have her info, butt I believe Writergirl does. Beansmama passed away last year (which is probably why her daughter may not be candidate), butt Beansmama's was a big present on this forum at one time. Is there not a better way to honor Beansmama's present on this board than to honor her daughter, (age 10 at her mom's death).

rectal cancer - April 2004
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Maggie Nell
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Re: Kimberly Fund 2019

Postby Maggie Nell » Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:23 pm

I would nominate, Elysium, the daughter of NikColon (ritz75) who also has died.

DX April 2015, @ 54
35mm poorly diff. tumour, incidental finding following emergency R. hemicolectomy
for ileo-colic intussusception.
Lymph nodes: 0/22
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Re: Kimberly Fund 2019

Postby CRguy » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:15 am

Thanks, once again, for this timely reminder Leighann !

We'll make this a sticky for a while so folks get a chance to check it out.

For anyone who wishes to find out more about The Kimberly Fund, go to the Colon Club main page Blogs where
you can read about Leighann's own story and a Guest Blog By Sarah DeBord Creating Experiences to Last a Lifetime
to see what The Kimberly Fund can do for a family.

Cheers and best wishes
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O Stoma Mia
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Re: Kimberly Fund 2019

Postby O Stoma Mia » Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:02 am


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Kimberly Fund 2019 - Application Form

Postby Jacques » Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:56 am

Kimberly Fund Application Form - Click Here

The Kimberly Fund Application 2019
Kim Troisi-Paton was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in May of 2005 and threw herself into educating about colorectal cancer (CRC). After being featured in the 2007 Colondar, Kim realized that The Colon Club shared her passion to educate young adults that colorectal cancer can happen to ANYONE at ANY time!

In December of 2006, Kim was diagnosed with an aggressive recurrence, but it didn’t seem to slow her down at all. While going through chemo, she worked tirelessly being an amazing wife, mother, attorney and author. After a 2 1/2 year battle with colon cancer, Kim passed away on August 10, 2007.

The Kimberly Fund was established by Kim’s family and friends as a way to honor her memory. There are no words to express how much she is missed, and how, through the Kimberly Fund, her spirit and dedication will live on.

Give children, whose parent or primary caregiver is currently being treated for or has lost a parent or primary caregiver to colorectal cancer, a chance to put the cancer aside, even just for a moment, and be a kid again!

Children, with the help of a parent or guardian, whose parent(s) have been affected by colorectal cancer, to fill out this brief application. Applications are reviewed quarterly (March, June, Sept. Dec.). Applicants will be asked to provide proof of their situation (death certificate/obituary or proof of treatment. If we receive your application after the quarterly deadline, it will be added to the next quarters applicants.

We review applications once a quarter (March, June, September, and December) We will email you if you have been chosen to receive a grant. Unfortunately we receive too many applications to reply individual regrets. If you don't hear from us you can apply again when the next quarter starts.

Currently the grant recipient will be awarded $2,000. Typically 2 grants are awarded each quarter.

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