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Re: NEW-Need some positivity here.

Postby teacher2017 » Sun May 30, 2021 2:15 pm

You are too kind!!! You helped me! And I’m just glad there is a record of this “journey” (I hate that word). I’m not delusional ana I know that as a stage 4 survivor the floor could fall from under me. But it’s just so great to know that complete strangers can become friends in the darkest of times. Glad you are well and going on four years! So great! Keep doing what you are doing!
Keep in touch!

DonutHead wrote:So good to hear from you! Congrats on the house and the eventual retirement, sounds like something I need to start thinking of myself :) Good news that you remain NED and that you are moving in the right direction and past your diagnosis. If you recall, we ended up on here at about the same time and scared as all hell. However, you did a lot to help bring me through those dark moments and fears, and I will be eternally grateful for everything you did to help keep me sane when I needed it most! Going on 4 years NED with my next round of scans in July *fingers crossed* Don't feel bad about not being on here often and getting on with it, that is what we are meant to do and life is worth living! Continue to take good care of yourself and stay in touch!
50 yo mom of 2 (15, 18)
DX stage 3c - 12/17 LN. T3
8" colon resection 9/22/17
6.1cm tumor
folfox 11/17-4/18
CEA -1.4 11/8/17
Colonoscopy- 5/18 - CLEAR!
Cea -1.8 6/18
Cea -2.1. 8/18
8/10/18 Stage 4
1cm met in seg.8 liver
Liver resection-9/18
Cea -1.5 10/18
Cea -1.2 12/18
Clear scan-12/5/18
Cea - 1.1 3/19
Clear scan- 3/19
Cea - 1.2 6/19
Clear scan-6/2/19
Colonoscopy - 7/19 CLEAR
Cea -1.5 8/19
Clear scan -8/19
Port removal-9/19
Cea -1.2 10/19
Cea -1.1 02/2020
Cea - 1.2 5/2020

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