Rectal Cancer: Habr-Gama Watch and Wait Strategy to Avoid Surgery

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Re: Rectal Cancer: Habr-Gama Watch and Wait Strategy to Avoid Surgery

Postby Jolene » Sun Nov 14, 2021 12:36 am

@PRS - Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful news ! Are you the first 5 years clear from CCR around here ???? If so, big congrats. You have given all of us on the procedure lots of great hope and not to mention great advice too!

I haven't been checking in as often these days as life caught up. In some ways, I guessed it's a good sign that the Big-C word is gradually taking a smaller and smaller role in my everyday life.

But wow.. checking back onto this forum has reminded me not to take the every day for granted once again.
Dx @ 39 F on WW managmeent
Nov 18 - Dx of a mid-rectal tumour at T3N1M0 (2cm) 7cm from AV
Dec 18 - CRT, 28 sessions + Capecitabine at 3000mg daily
Jan - Mar - Wait and watch in place (12 weeks)
Mar 19 - MRI, PET, sig flex and biopsy ordered to determine being a WW candidate.
Apr 19 - CCR success. Surgery on hold. 6 cycles of Xelox.
Aug 19 - 6 cycles of Xelox completed
Oct 19 - Flex sig, biopsy, PET/MRI
Jan/Jun 20 - Colonscopy, biopsy, MRI / Flex sig, biopsy, PET-MRI, CT
Jan 21 - Flex sig, biopsy, MRI/CT

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Re: Rectal Cancer: Habr-Gama Watch and Wait Strategy to Avoid Surgery

Postby prs » Wed Nov 17, 2021 11:48 am

Hi Jolene, thank you for the kind words!

This June was actually my sixth year since CCR. I skipped my five year anniversary check up last year because it would have meant a trip into Los Angeles. The city was knee deep in Covid at the time!

My Doctor still wants me to go in for annual check ups. I think this might be because they need as much long term data as possible to allow W&W to be officially approved as a treatment.

Glad to hear you are doing well. I too have pretty much stopped thinking about it. I am actually happy to keep going in for check ups. There is definitely a sense of well being when the result comes back good.

Yes, this board continues to confirm how lucky we are to be successful Watch and Waiters. I just hope it doesn't take too much longer before the treatment becomes available to all.
Peter, age 65 at dx
DX 4 cm x 4 cm very low rectal adenocarcinoma into the sphincters 01/15
Stage III T3 N1 M0 with two suspicious lymph nodes
26 sessions IMRT radiation with 1,000 mg Xeloda twice per day 03/15 to 04/15
Complete clincal response to the chemoradiation...the tumor shrank completely away 06/15 :D
No surgery...Habr-Gama watch and wait protocol instead
Xelox chemotherapy 07/15-12/15
MRI and rectal exam every three months starting 07/15
MRI and rectal exam every six months starting 07/17

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Re: Rectal Cancer: Habr-Gama Watch and Wait Strategy to Avoid Surgery

Postby Nycomomohead » Wed Nov 17, 2021 1:58 pm

So happy for you.
Spouse, DX, 49F - Rectal Stage 1 - T2NOMO - 2CM - 7.8 from AV.
10.29.21 Rectal tumor 2cm, 10cm from AV | colonoscopy
11.01.21 Biospy - Malignant - adenocarcinoma
11.03.21 First consultation with Surgeon & Onc
11.04.21 CBC blood work looked good. CEA at 1.1
11.05.21 CT Scan. Good, no sign of spread. Precautionary Liver MRI scheduled.
11.09.21 MRI Pelvis. MRI Liver.
11.09.21 Staged as Stage 1. T2NOMO - 2CM - 7.8 from AV.

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