chemo holiday with lung mets

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chemo holiday with lung mets

Postby ilivebyfaith » Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:17 am

Hi everyone.

Just want to know the oral meds you guys took during your chemo holiday.

My husband is dealing with lung mets so I would like to know, given the lung mets, if there are similar folks here who had a chemo holiday and what medicines did you take during that period. And for how long was the chemo holiday.

The doctor just mentioned this possibility to us, as something that we might need to do in the future, although not in the near future as my husband's lung mets responded just very recently when he was given folfirinox plus avastin for 3 months. Right now he is still on the same regimen.

Before he was given folfox plus vectibix and folfiri plus erbitux though progression in his lungs were then apparent.

There was also a mention about thickening of his liver? That the doctors suggested we stop all the unnecessary organic medicines and gave him a prescription for liver vitamins. I pray that his liver can stay strong to withstand the strong chemo that he is in.

I am just wondering how long one can stay in chemo without damaging significantly his other organs.

As always, just by typing this post already relieves me, knowing that my husband and I are not alone. Sending my hugs to all.
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Re: chemo holiday with lung mets

Postby trapbear » Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:12 pm

My husband had many chemo holidays when he would just be on avastin every three weeks. Most holidays were for two or three months. When he went back on chemo often they would do a few cycles of irinotecan, 5FU, and avastin to get the lung mets under control again, then back to 5FU plus avastin maintenance. Every tumor is different, though. Good luck! Hope they find a good plan for your DH.
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