Reversal Log: Experience,Problems, Q & A's

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Re: Reversal Log: Experience,Problems, Q & A's

Postby tminor5 » Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:38 pm

We were also confused at first. But he’s had his colostomy since May 2018. He had to originally get the colostomy because of an infection from diverticulitis, which is how we found the cancer. When the surgeon went in to reattach there were soooo many adhesions he was in surgery for almost 8 hours. At that time the dr decided he wanted to make sure the reattachment took and there wasn’t a chance of leaking. He said with the way everything looked that if he leaked at all he would end up with a permanent colostomy. So he gave him a temp illeostomy so his colostomy resection has time to heal. So this one is 8 weeks. The surgeon said he “heals better than good” so his chances of a successful take down are good.
DH DX at 46  pT4a,pN1a CEA 1.6
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5/26/18 Colonoscopy couldn't insert stint
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6/25/18 1st FOLFOX (12 cycles)
11/26/18 Last chemo
12/17/18 Colonoscopy clear
3/29/19 Colostomy takedown (temp illeo because of scaring)
5/23/19 Scan (sm node lung believe scar tissue)
6/20-7/25-8/9-8/20-9/5-9/26 Colon stretch for illeo takedown
10/3/19 Scan (node same)
10/25/19 Ileo takedown

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Re: Reversal Log: Experience,Problems, Q & A's

Postby Eleda » Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:01 am

Sorry for all the question tminor5, I'm just very curious to everyone's journey!!
I'm still confused as to having 2 ostomys as it's standard procedure after most bowel surgery u have one ostomy (choice of surgon as to Which) and then leek test
If all is good then reversal is performed, because now he will have 2 areas of scar tissue in his bowel and two healing processes for no real reason, because they could have reversed the clostomy ??? No???
Or am I completely wrong???
I also had my original cancer removal surgery In May
May 10th, and only reversed last month, glad he's doing so well

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Tumor reduce by 80% 1 LN still remaining
TATME May10th, temp illeostomy
10/07/2018 CEA 3
Began FOLFOX July 10th
24/08/2018 Allergic reaction so next infusion lucovorin and 5fu
Second attempt with oxi aug 12th

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