immuno chemotherapy

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immuno chemotherapy

Postby rp1954 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:16 pm

I've been asked about our immuno chemotherapy. Basically we stack immune adjuncts, mostly oral supplements, along with IV vitamin C, cimetidine and celecoxib (Celebrex), higher and deeper. We started early on while WBC counts were still high and have worked to maintain WBC levels even while on daily chemo for over 7 years.

Immuno chemotherapy can refer to the combination of immune stimulation, additions or modulation(s), along with chemotherapy. Also simple actions to reduce immune suppression should count, like sugar withdrawal. Less obviously immunochemo includes a potential "self-vaccinating" effects or immune modulation by chemotherapies' release of cancer related cell components. Except for direct addition of immune components, like antibodies or cells, many immune therapies' potential may be limited while WBC are so low when patients are plagued by some severe leukopenia(s).

A lot of my original research threads start with Life Extension Foundation articles and their references. Some research threads, start with other groups and individual MD/PhDs/researchers. Japan seems to have the most early experience with our basic approach to immunochemo, where daily UFT (tegafur uracil is the nicest oral 5FU derivative with its own advantages) + PSK, and later cimetidine. Life Extension's cancer articles picked up on the cimetidine trail in 1980s and NSAIDs by the 1990s. Dr John J Prendergast (now in his 80s, Dr Joe retired two yrs ago) was our primary source on very high dose vitamin D3 recommendations.

I perceive several common problems with most attempts by others: WBC maintenance levels, inadequate use of predictive (blood) markers to start, not using enough blood work to track and improve monthly performance, not using enough adjunct (supplement/drug) variety to overcome multiple problems and pathways, not controlling inflammation as much as possible, and not using enough dosage to do various jobs.

One group of immune therapies popular in asia that has reached the US are mushroom extracts, where asians might take 5 - 10 different varieties as powders or teas, with or without chemotherapy. Many of these mushroom extracts contain different beta-glucans with varied amounts of protein attached. In Japan, one extract, developed in the 1960s has a fairly extensive literature for cancer, including colorectal cancer and chemo: polysaccharide K, Krestin or PSK.

Immune tx components we've used include: WGP, astragalus, modified citrus pectin, high dose vitamin D3 (requires adequate vitamin K2 and magnesium), PSK, maitake, reishi, shiitake mushroom extracts, and vitamin C. Long term cimetidine's success is associated with the CA19-9 and CSLEX1 (a specific CD15s) markers for perhaps 2/3rds of advanced CRC patients.

Inflammation affects immune responses. Fish oil, boswellia, numerous flavonoids, serrapeptase, MSM, aspirin, celecoxib and IV vitamin C are part of our base.

LEF's supplement lists have more detail that include other supplements. Although LEF's supplements list for CRC has changed over time, I preferred their lists in 2010 and before for a more generic approach. We add and subtract.

Bloodwork is the natural language of discussion and survival for immunochemo. Not doing enough bloodwork is unguided and seems incoherent for both applications and discussions, not a serious effort likely to succeed. Standard oncology is rather perfunctory in this area as their treatments' side effects typically severely distort many blood panels, and typically uses fragmentary records, with methods greatly slowed and hampered by consensus science.
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Re: immuno chemotherapy

Postby lpas » Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:24 pm

Just wanted to chime in here as someone who's attempted a modified (minus the ongoing 5FU and IV-vitamin C) version of what rp suggests above. I do very strongly believe in the methods he describes and credit my targeted supplement regime with the fact that I've remained NED since completing my surgery and chemo in 2015. If anyone else is interested in pursuing this kind of approach, be aware that there are naturopathic doctors who can assist with the intensive blood monitoring. I've done regular phone consults with 2 very good ones who help me figure what tests to order, get the lab costs covered by my Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and provide recommendations on how to respond to the results. You don't have to figure it all out for yourself.
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