O/T The League of Extraordinary S-Men

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O/T The League of Extraordinary S-Men

Postby Maggie Nell » Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:41 pm

Found this as I was researching the free palliative care provided by Otago Community Hospice
in Dunedin, New Zealand and following links.

Sourced from Corpus: conversations about medicine and life

S Men

The men are at lunch, sitting outdoors with an eye
on the world and another on the menu. They are all
getting back in shape, to their peak condition.

Supper-Man orders a porterhouse steak with fresh
salad. Ticks all the boxes for protein and five
vegetables per day, leaves plenty of room for later.

Slider-Man limbered up before he arrived.
Restless now, he orders a snack of raw fish
with soy sauce; easy to slither down the throat.

Resting his small intestine for a day, Stoma-Man
chooses his white bread rolls and chicken broth.
To aid digestion he chews thoroughly and sips slowly.

There are plans to be made, inventions to patent.
Forces of evil proliferate, paranoid leaders congregate
in specific Pacific tax havens.

Stoma-Man redesigns his bag. At the outlet a nozzle
can turn as required, on his belt a trigger can secretly fire
a flow of optional ammunition.

Bullets of former frozen carrots aim for the eyes
of traitor spies, a steady stream of watery output
sprays the open mouths of tyrants, hydrant control

loosens the outlet to maximum pressure, shoots
the opponent’s face with a paste in ostomy choke mode,
blocking the airways when life’s on the line.

Heroes of the universe, upholders of integrity, fighters
for liberty. Courageous, outrageous, hopeful and helpful.
The all new secret service S Men are reporting for duty.

~ Jenny Powell, 2017
DX April 2015, @ 54
35mm poorly diff. tumour, incidental finding following emergency r. hemicolectomy
for ileo-colic intussusception.
Lymph nodes: 0/22
T3 N0 MX

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