53rd street club meeting?

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53rd street club meeting?

Postby Cfbiff » Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:08 pm

Anyone from the board going to be at 53rd street to see dr. Kemeny on aug 8? We'll be there for follow up, first HAI pump REfill and treatment.
7/15 dx colon cancer stage 4, mets to liver age 46
Cea 1700
8/15 folfox
1/16 cea 47
2/7 began consults with Dr Kemeny about liver pump.
2/16 FOLFIRI /started
3/7 laparoscopy showed no cancer in abdomen
3/2016 began folfirinox and asked again about hai pump
5/16 CEA 186
6/16. colon resection and HAI pump, 15/33 lymph nodes, margins clear
7/16 FUDR began. CEA 300+
8/16 FUDR 2nd treatment and FOLFIRI systemic restart. CEA 400+
9/6 added mitomycin to pump.
10/5 CEA coming down

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