A letter from The Colon Club's President

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A letter from The Colon Club's President

Postby Colon Girl » Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:13 am

January 29, 2013

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank each of you for participating and contributing to this message board. Without all of your support, kindness, sharing, and strength so many would feel alone and hopeless. This Message Board means so much to so many and I am grateful and humbled to be a part of it.

I apologize that has taken me so long to reach out to you. There has been so much to accomplish this past year! As some of you may already know, in May 2012, Molly Morgoslepov (Co-founder and current Board Member) took a full time position as the Group Health & Wellness Director at the Wilton Branch of the Saratoga Regional YMCA and I was elected President of The Colon Club. Even though I have been a part of The Colon Club for many years now, (providing support at the Colondar Photo Shoots, keeper of The Colossal Colon, a Board Member for many years, and now as President), I am honored to represent The Colon Club in a whole new capacity and I appreciate all the support and assistance I have received so far!

As many compliments and gratitude as I have received regarding The Colon Club Message Board, I am also aware that there has been some recent controversy on the forum. This is not something The Colon Club is used to dealing with since most of our users are generally very respectful, kind, supportive, and helpful. In light of this controversy, I want to remind everyone of the original purpose of our Message Board. The Colon Club Message Board was designed for those who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, their friends, family and caregivers to come together for support, respect, understanding, kindness, hope, and strength.

The Colon Club, as an organization, focuses on:
    • Raising awareness, in out-of-the box ways, among young adults (under 50), where there are no solid guidelines for screening
    • Knowing family history
    • Knowing the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer
    • Getting screened when it is right for them
It is not our intent to limit our Message Board to only those under the age of 50. We fully understand that there is still not much out there in terms of support for colorectal cancer survivors, their friends and families at any age, and many of our users were diagnosed under the age of 50 and are still on the Message Board today to encourage and support other users.

As an organization, we realize that each person’s perception of kindness, support, respect, ideas, and strengths are different and The Colon Club supports and encourages thinking “outside the box.” That said, The Colon Club reserves the right to refuse or remove any content that does not comply with our organization’s guidelines, Terms of Service, or overall standards (determined by The Colon Club, in its sole discretion). The Colon Club Message Board is a public forum, and it is our responsibility to make sure that our users feel welcome, supported and respected. In order to provide a neutral atmosphere for thousands of users, “freedom of speech” in its literal interpretation is not always allowed, as it can be hurtful and destructive (again, determined by The Colon Club, in its sole discretion).

I challenge each of you to wipe your slates clean. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, hold grudges, and battle against one another! We have a much larger battle to fight – preventing people from ever developing this disease and supporting those who have been diagnosed!! We don’t all have to be best friends on the Message Board but we do have to be respectful of one another, each other’s ideas and circumstances. Please know that the hope of The Colon Club and our Board of Directors is that each of you finds value in your participation on The Colon Club Message Board. We do of course realize that The Colon Club Message Board is not the place for everyone. If you cannot find what you need and want in this forum, we understand. As much as we regret to see anyone leave, there are other forums that you may find better suited to your needs or you could even start your own forum!

The Colon Club is working diligently to coordinate all aspects of our “Club” together. This includes the Message Board, Board of Directors, Colossal Colon, Colondar, Board Committees, etc. so that each of us can be involved in this organization in a way that empowers us. With our new look and logo, our sleek, new, interactive 2013 Colondar and our 2013 Colossal Colon Tour (details to follow), we hope you can feel our rejuvenated “pulse,” our passion and commitment to each of you and our cause to raise awareness, prevent colorectal cancer, and support survivors and their families! Thank you again for your patience and support through our transition and many changes! And as our former President and Co-Founder, Molly (McMaster) Morgoslepov, always says… “just play nice!”

I look forward to working together,

Krista Waller
The Colon Club
Krista Wilson
The Colon Club

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