colon cancer

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kathryn farpella

colon cancer

Postby kathryn farpella » Sat Sep 17, 2005 4:00 pm

:cry: I lost my husband, he was only 41. First they said he had diverticulitis next was crohns. He wen't 31 days without hardly any relief. Was hospitalized on the 28th day, on yhe 30th day he finally wen't to the bathroom.
Our doctor feed him and he was told he probably wouldn't live through the surgury they were going to do, this was Jan,31 04. He did live, but on the fourth of Febuary they told us he had cancer. To weak to start cemo, and in icu very toxic a nurse gave him to much demeral and he was pronoused dead on the 13th.
They tell me it was to hard to say what he had until it was to late. He was on alot of pain medications for years from a job injury. For a whole month they said it was the meds. They sent him home and he kept blotting until he burst into his body. 18 inches of small bowel and two liters of puss came out of him. He had a tube from his nose still taking matter out of his colon. They couldn't even close up his stomach as it needed to drain. Miss him so much and feel if the barium wouldn't pass through body they should've did surgery to find out why, not to feed him and let his colon burst in five differant spots. I still can't believe this has happened and they could keep saying it was one thing and another when it was cancer. Hard to hear people say he would die because he had cancer he shouldn't have suffersd like he did.. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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