Vince Lombardi

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Vince Lombardi

Postby JJH » Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:06 pm


    "His death, when it came in 1970, was sudden. At the age of 57 he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of colon cancer, and he died 10 weeks later.

    According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, President Nixon told a White House dinner party "in a time when the moral fabric of the country seems to be coming apart" Lombardi was "a man who insisted on discipline and strength".

    In recognition of his achievements, Lombardi was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame and the Super Bowl prize was renamed in his honour."


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Re: Vince Lombardi

Postby jep » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:02 pm

Wow, I did not know this....thank you for sharing Mr. Lombardi’s story....
Wife of DH (47) Stage IV CC on 5/16/17
T Loc: recto-sigmoid
T type: Adenocarcinoma
T size: 7.4 cm
T grade: G3
TNM code: T3N2M1
Pos LNs: 8/20
Baseline CEA value: .9
LVI: present
Perineural invasion: present
LAR margins: clear (w/in microns)
Folfox (8/17-1/18)
Scope 6/18 - CLEAR! - 2 polyps
PET 10/17/18: 3 pos LNs
Irinotecan + Vectobix (started in 11/18)
CEA: 1.7 (2/19)
Xeloda + radiation (5/19)
Surgery: 8/21/19 (aborted)
Phase 1 Trial 10/19 - 12/19
Bypass surgery 12/6/19
Folfox + vectibix 1/2/19 - ?

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