Life insurance, anyone?

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Re: Life insurance, anyone?

Postby Mohrfamily » Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:42 am

martd wrote:I started a policy after diagnosed... A little more pricey than I would like it's 32.50 a month for $10,000 with the option of going to $25,000. United of Omaha

Its worth looking into at any cost.
DH dx stage IV liver mets largest 6x6.4 cm
Colonoscopy/endoscopy/port place 5/29
4cm mass in splenic flexure
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3/2019 PET scan shows greater than 6-7 liver mets largest measuring 3x3 cm. No growth nothing new.
8/15/19 largest liver lesion 1.9x2.1
9/16/2019 OSU to proceed with surgery implant HAI and colon resection
11/19 resection of colon HAI placed
2/20 CEA back to 1000s, liver worse than when we began-start FOLFIRI

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Re: Life insurance, anyone?

Postby kathybrj » Thu Nov 14, 2019 12:07 pm

We've been researching the life insurance thing for about 2 weeks now. I had to submit my husband's path report and we were told all companies declined to insure at this time. Mutual of Omaha offered a $25,000 whole life policy for $119/month but I believe there are some restrictions.

DH was 3b and ended treatment in January of 2015 so he's just about at 5 years. That made no difference to the underwriters. We may have to give it a few more years.
Blaise (DH) dx 3/31/14 (age 49)
Stage IIIb Rectal - 4 lymphs involved
Xeloda and Rad 5/5/2014
Surgery 7/29/14 Illeostomy Placed
FolFox 9/11/2014 x 9 treatments
Reversal 1/27/15
NED 9/29/2015

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