Numbness in Rectal Area

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Numbness in Rectal Area

Postby sbpaq1 » Sun May 26, 2019 11:00 am


Had surgery in November, Temp ileostomy since then. Finished 6 months of xelox recently and while the neurpathy is painful and present at hands and feet I have been having a weird different type of sensation.

There is no pain but there is numbness in my rectal area, is there anyone out there that had the same happen?

Age 30, Male
07/05/18 - Colonoscopy, T3N2M0/Stage IIIB Rectal, MSS and High Grade
09/10/18 - 28 Days Xeloda/Radiation
10/11/18 - MRI decrease in Tumor & Nodes
11/19/18 - lAR
12/06/18 - Bad news, Surgery margins inconclusive, 17 of 19 nodes, PNI & LVI
12/09/18 - Bad news, 2 spots on liver and 1 on Lung, XELOX start
02/15/19 - Good News! Lung spot gone, Liver Spot down to 1, Nodes shrinking.
06/15/19 - bad news! Rectal recurrence and node increase
07/01/19 - folfiri
08/23/19 - surgery consult unc

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Re: Numbness in Rectal Area

Postby Jannine » Sun May 26, 2019 8:32 pm

I had this during and shortly after Folfox treatment. As far as I can tell it has gone away completely. I finished chemo in December and I am sure it took a few months to go away. It was odd and just seemed like numbness, no tingly sensation like with neuropathy. I have seen something like this mentioned by at least one other person on these boards, so it's not just you, but it does seem to be rarer than a lot of the other side effects.
DX: sigmoid colon cancer 5/2018. 48 F
laparoscopic sigmoid resection (24 cm removed); no stoma.
7.5cm adenocarcinoma -- mod. diff.
1 noncontiguous tumor deposit removed; 0/31 lymph nodes
T3 pN1c M0
5/18 before surgery, CEA 11.2
6/18 began FOLFOX
7/18: CEA 1.9; added neulasta post infusion
9/18: CEA 2.8
10/18: 25% chemo reduction
11/18: CEA 1.8
7/19 CT scan clear

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Re: Numbness in Rectal Area

Postby margiej » Mon May 27, 2019 1:33 pm

Yep...I had this symptom too. Relatively harmless little thing but was a little disconcerting! Seems like it took a while to go away, but it did finally.
Dx CC 12/2015, age 57 at Dx
Stage IIIb: T3N1b
Adenocarcinoma, sigmoid colon, 2.5 cm - low grade, moderately differentiated
3/6 positive lymph nodes
laparoscopic colectomy 1/20/2016
Capox started 3/4/16 - Six rounds
CT-suspicious lymph 2/22/16
PET scan 2/24/16 clear
CT 6/8/16 clear
Clear Colonoscopy 3/17
CT 10/3/17 clear
CT 10/17/18 clear
CEA 12/17 1.7
5/16 3.8
7/16 1.9
3/17 1.3
10/17 1.2
4/18 1.6
11/18 1.2

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