Anaphylactic reaction on round two of FOLFOX

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Anaphylactic reaction on round two of FOLFOX

Postby TeriS » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:21 pm

Two weeks ago I had my second round of FOLFOX. Within 5 minutes of leaving the infusion clinic I had an anaphylactic allergic reaction — tongue swollen, bronchial spasms, low blood pressure. I returned to the doctor’s office, where they pushed steroids and Benadryl to address the anaphylaxis. Today the oncologist has decided to drop the oxaliplatin from the chemo regimen and continue the remaining 10 rounds with the 5FU only.

Has anyone else had this type of reaction so early in treatment? The oncologist said it is more common to happen at around the seventh to tenth round and at that point they feel you’ve received enough benefit from the oxaliplatin.

Also, my neutrophil numbers were too low today to do the third round. Is it common to have neutropenia this early in the chemo regimen?

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Re: Anaphylactic reaction on round two of FOLFOX

Postby Beckster » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:37 pm


Here I am! Anaphylactic reaction to the Oxi(130mg) on the first cycle of Xelox or Capeox (Oxi with pill form of 5/FU). :shock: I made it through the entire infusion and right before I was ready to hit! They tried to desensitize and administered an Epi Pen. I spent 3 hours in the emergency room and came home with steroids and 2 more Epi Pens! I had tingling in my hands for 14 was so bad that I could not even make the bed without gloves. I also had to heat up my water and eat with plastic utensils. It was not fun :x
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Re: Anaphylactic reaction on round two of FOLFOX

Postby Lee » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:38 pm

Can you get a 2nd opinion at a major cancer treatment center? Because you are a stage IIIC, you really want to treat it aggressively now and not later (ie get rid of any floating cells). There are other forms of chemo that could possibly work.

Sometimes it is possible to desensitize people in a hospital setting.

Good luck,

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Re: Anaphylactic reaction on round two of FOLFOX

Postby lovelife789 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:09 pm


I had anaphylactic reaction to the Oxi, but not during my second round, I had it on my 7th round, it was very bad, my BP was at 33 and I could not breathe and my neutrophil was at all time low (it was low before, but after the allergic reaction, it dropped big time).

But since I am Stage IV, my doctor wanted me to try my best to take it. I had two Onc and one wanted me to try, the other one didn't want me to risk. I finally decided to take the risks. So I took steroids the day before the infusion, right before the infusion and the day following the infusion and some medication to help increase neutrophil. And during the infusion, they made it drip really slow, normally Oxi would take only an hour or two to finish, I took 5 hours to finish. With all these help, I managed to take all 13 rounds of FOLFOX without any reduction.

From my 7th - 10th round, I still had some allergies, like minor rash and itchiness, but it was manageable (instead of a big patch of rash all over my body, I had like small red dots in some places). The reaction really died down from 10th - 13th round, I don't know how it got better, but every infusion I received after the 10th, there was less rash. And by the 13th round, there was nothing.

I agree with Lee, try to get a second opinion. To be honest, my legs were like noodle and my whole body was literally shaking in fear when I took Oxi again after my reaction, but if I am given a chance to choose again, I would have done the same.

If I were you, I would throw everything at it, and I would want my team of doctors to fight it with me taking every manageable risk I have got, however scary they may look as long as it's worth it.
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Re: Anaphylactic reaction on round two of FOLFOX

Postby jp81 » Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:16 am


My mother (also Stage 3C at DX) had a pretty serious Anaphylactic reaction after the second round of CAPOX (Capecetabine + Oxaliplatin). This happened ten minutes after the infusion was complete. She couldn't breath from the shock, luckily the physicians and nurses were close at hand.

What we did was:
1) De-sensitization
2) Slowed down the rate of infusion
3) Changed the brand of Oxaliplatin

My mother was able to complete 5 rounds of CAPOX. As Lee was saying, Oxaliplatin is an important component in Stage 3C treatment. So please do take a second opinion.
Having said that, if you're unable to take Oxaliplatin for some reason, it doesn't mean you need to worry about it unduly. Just see what your other options are.

Best wishes.
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