Clinical Trial Update - Pembrozilumab

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Clinical Trial Update - Pembrozilumab

Postby tchan8888 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:31 pm

Hello All,

It has been awhile since I have posted. Have tried to take a mental and emotional break since some of the pas sings earlier this year.

The trial is going well. About a 42 percent reduction in lymph node tumor size. Am handling the treatment, which is so much easier than FOLFOX and FOLFIRI. No take home bottle! Side effects come and go. Still fatigued at times.

Have to stay on treatment despite reduction so no treatment breaks. Am optimistic that I will make 5 years. Am on my 45th total treatment over the past 3 plus years. What a grind, but am still here!


Tom, 49 now
12/12 Right Hemicolectomy 2X (29 days in hospital)
12/12 Stage IV: multiple distant LN; no organs
20X: FOLFIRI (stopped working)
8X: 5FU
8X: FOLFOX and Avastin
2016: Clinical trial pembrozilumab MSI high

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Re: Clinical Trial Update - Pembrozilumab

Postby aja1121 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:52 pm

Congratulations! Wonderful news.
05/23/14 DH dx Stage 3B rectal ca (age 41)
6/2014 chemorad | 10/2014 LAR, all nodes clean
FOLFOX x 10 | VATS/lung met | ileo reversal
09/15 local recurrence
10/15 colostomy
11/15 FOLFIRI x 4, major growth
02/16 tumor debulked
Stable ten months on Xeloda/Avastin
Growth on clinical trials NCT02024607 (BBI608 + FOLFIRI), NCT02817633 (anti-PD-1 + anti-TIM-3), NCT03175224 (c-Met inhibitor)
09/27/2018 started hospice
02/07/19 died

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Re: Clinical Trial Update - Pembrozilumab

Postby Pita » Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:23 pm

Congrats (((Tom))) :)

45 treatments WOW!
70yo Fem DX: 1/21/2016 RC Stage IV-Nodules lungs
MSS-Kras Wild-Lynch Synd Neg-Lung Biopsy 1/27/16-Port 2/19/16
MRI 7/7/16 Endometrial polyp found, watching LAR 7/19/16, No Ileostomy, Stage ypT3 N1
CT 11/7/16: Most mets stable,1 shrunk,1 new??
CEA Tests: 1/21/16=20, 12/22/16=5.3, 1/20/17=4.8, 2/15/17=6.2
9/20/16-1/24/17 Folfuri & Avastin
#10/10 Done
PET/CT 2/10/16-1/31/17=Some shrunk & growth to 2, Avastin failing ??? :evil:
2/21/17 Folfuri & Avastin

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Re: Clinical Trial Update - Pembrozilumab

Postby Wonderfullymade » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:54 pm

Tom, glad to hear your news and thank you for sharing! I think next week will make 15 for me. I have a ct next week 3rd one since started on the Prembro....trying to not have scan aniexty so your timely post was just what I needed to hear!!!

Wonderfully made
DX 3/2015 53
Stage IVa CC w/liver met
BRAF/KRAS wild type MSI-High (MLH1, PMS2) not Lynch
Folfox 3 cycles
5/2015 ER for subtotal colectomomy due to perforated colon, ovary removed
Folfuri/Pantiumumab 5 cycles
8/2015 liver resection, gallbladder removed and new LN
10/2015 CT scan new nodes
10/2015 Pembro started CEA 2.2
5/2017 stable lung things, coltis, lymph nodes stable cea 1/2017 1.1
9/2017 NED CEA 1.1 ( stopped Pembro)
2/2019 ER for DVT/ PE
2/2019 clean CT (NED) CEA 1.1

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Re: Clinical Trial Update - Pembrozilumab

Postby Steph20021 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:30 pm

Wow, this is so nice to hear. I'm glad you are still doing well with it. Thanks for the update here. Best wishes.
DX 1/31/14 @ 33- SPS-T4a(invades visceral peri), N2a(6/106 LN), M1a(ovary) (Stage 4a) MSS; BRAF V600E
2/1/14-subtotal col, lost R ovary, temp ileo
3/14-9/14- folfox; sepsis
11/14-CT/PET: L ovary met, pelvic met, (?)ghost liver met(?)
12/14-folfiri -13 rds kept me stable from 3/15-6/15
09/15- cea 0.9
05/16- recurrence in abdo wall and lymph nodes
01/17- pulmonary embolism
02/17- 1 wk radiation to abdo wall
08/16- on folfiri
11/18- Beacon trial-encorafenib & cetuximab

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Re: Clinical Trial Update - Pembrozilumab

Postby Sophy » Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:14 am

So pleased to hear from you, thanks for the update. Hoping that there is even more shrinkage and that you are enjoying life.

dx T3N1M0 Feb 11 when children age 11, 7 and 2
Xeloda/rad March 11, LAR June 11 temp ileo
Xelox 6 rounds, NED
Lung mets Oct 13
Laser surgery Germany Jan 14. 3 mets left lung.
Laser surgery UK Jun and Aug 14 one met each lung, NED
Aug 14 Started Xeloda and Celebrex (ADAPT)
June 2020 CT shows nodule, bronchoscopy shows scar tissue, still NED
Dec 2020 stopping Chemo

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