bloated stomach--after taking Xeloda

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bloated stomach--after taking Xeloda

Postby daddys1 » Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:51 pm

My dad was starting back on chemo last week, and took the xeloda tablet for about 3 days and started experiencing stomach bloatedness, and his stomach even got a little swollen. He went to his onc. and told them he was not continuing the xeloda. I researched some info, and found on a medical site that those symptoms he is having are considered some of the "rare" side effects that can happen with xeloda. I was wondering if anyone had any of these issues after taking it, and how long did they last. thanks
my father was diagnosed with cc in jan/09

02/09 colon resection
Stage 4 -11/21 lymph nodes-spot on liver
chemo -03/09-09/09

06/2010- spot on liver/lung
07/20/10 -partical liver resec.

03/16/12--my dad lost the battle- he was 62 yrs old.

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