A Moment to Reflect: Happy 2007

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A Moment to Reflect: Happy 2007

Postby Holly » Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:57 pm

For much of 2006, I have been perplexed by the notion of whether it is possible to care too much. Late this year, I felt like I was being tested in my capacity to care. I reached out to a friend and she told me that it is NOT possible to care too much. But rather it is through such trials that we grow, learn and draw strength. Thank you, Moll.

As 2006 comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to remember those fellow Colon Club members whom we have loved and lost. I ask that those who read this post, add your own intentions:

1. To my dear friend Nancy Heathcott Lopez. Through our friendship, I was reminded of the power of the human spirit. Despite my insecurities, you encouraged me to return to school, and believe ALL things are truly possible. My life is more 'whole' having met you. Though I miss your physical presence in my life, I trust that you are in heaven with God and continue to wrap your arms tightly around me. Thank you.

2. Dear Carol Connell, you were an amazing human spirit. Though we never had the opportunity to meet in person, I very much enjoyed our chats. As much as you may have been inspired, your positivity on this forum will be greatly missed. I trust that you are at peace. Thank you.

As we welcome 2007, I am hopeful that we, survivors and caregivers, are blessed with Hope, Health and Happiness. Though we may experience challenges in each of unique journeys, we are not alone and I ask that you trust that God has his arms wrapped tightly around each of us. As always, ALL things are truly possible.

To HOPE within the blooming tulips, to HEALTH within our bodies, and to HAPPINESS within our hearts...



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Postby Sweet Peg » Mon Jan 01, 2007 8:33 am

You can NEVER care too much, HOPE too much, or GROW too much! With each new year we have GREATER HOPES of cures.

Though we all are going through trials we never thought we could endure, God's arms are around us and His promise that HE would never give us more than we can endure are with us. We are not only strengthened by these trials but we have recieved even more strength from those like Nancy and Carol. They SHOULD be remembered and never forgotten, but 2007 is a new year with NEW HOPES so we move on and keep them in our heart along with the strength they have given us!!

Thank you Holly for reflecting and reminding us that we have to keep being strong and keep CARING, HOPING and GROWING!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Love and Hugs Peg

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