farrah fawcett has "anal cancer" ?

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Postby Magnolia » Sun Oct 22, 2006 2:10 pm

Hannah, I agree about having a young survivor on the Ellen show. Or Oprah, for that matter. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to have an "over 50" like me too. I was asymptomatic and diagnosed with Stage III at my first screening colonoscopy. There are two issues here for puplic education. Don't ignore symptoms if you're young, and don't assume you're OK if you over 50 and asymptomatic. We need to educate about both scenarios, and celebreties are in a great position to help us. They just have to want to.

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Danny Glover PSA on radio, December 06

Postby SlobberDog » Wed Dec 20, 2006 12:51 pm

Hi all,

I'm reading some of the older messages and just read the thread about public awareness for CRC (and lack thereof).

Just this week I heard a PSA on a local radio station (out of Kansas City, MO) that I am 99% was Danny Glover, talking about CRC. He mentioned that there are often NO symptoms at all, and that routine screening is important, etc. (Of course many of the folks here were considerably YOUNGER than 50 at the time of Dx, so "screening" sure has different meanings...)

I was in the car and was surprised to hear such an announcement, thus I didn't catch every word, but at least this is a good thing or step in the right direction, especially since it's not March.

I'm in high "nag" mode right now to get my sister to have her (first) c-scope. She's 36 and has only had some on-and-off diarrhea in the past, and not had the (stuff) that I have... but due to our family Hx, I know that she should be very proactive and be "screeened" now. Even my various doctors have told me to urge/insist that she be tested.

Take care,

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Postby Magnolia » Wed Dec 20, 2006 3:15 pm

I'm nagging some folks in my family as well. Trouble is getting it paid for. Screeing without symptoms is often not covered even if you're over 50, as I was. If you can tell a good story, like rectal bleeding or changes in bowel habits, (and who hasn't had a LITTLE of that at some point that they can play up even if it's just a hemmorhoid or a bad diet), you might get your insurance to cover it. Sounds like your sister may be able to pull it off. Some of my cousins don't have insurance at all, and the family history is stronger on their side than it was on mine. I worry about them. It's a shame that insurance companies can drive this train. I don't think it's a whole lot better in the UK. Healthcare is rationed no matter where you go. It's not about what you need, it's about what the third party will pay for, whether that's a private insurer or the gov't.

Anyway, I'm on the bandwagon for screening. I'm appalled at how many over 50's don't want to someone looking up their name and address if you know what I mean. And you younger folks, although cancer is rarely the cause of GI symptoms, should not let it be overlooked, especially if there is a family history.

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Postby janb » Wed Dec 20, 2006 6:51 pm

There are some people that are just plain ignorant! There is a girl pictured within my website (a doctor at that) in her 30's. She brought "Greg" with her around Israel. Her grandmother died at the age of 36 from colon cancer. I have pleaded with her to get a colonoscopy to no avail. I know being a doctor is a tough job on call 24/7 BUT.....when it runs in your family it's imperative you take time out for yourself and have 2 days off for the procedure. She has the symptoms. I still push her mother to nag her. My best friend had her first colonoscopy two months ago at the age of 51. I had my first in my early 40's and had precancerous polyps. She had 9 polyps of which 4 were precancerous.
Together....we can make a difference!

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Postby Dave » Wed Dec 20, 2006 9:54 pm

Just a little TV trivia question, the answer is in this thread.
We all know what show Farrah is famous for (Charlie’s Angels), but dose anyone know who played Charlie in the show? Charlie has colon cancer too.
These two people worked together once, maybe they could speak out together for a worthy cause.
Maybe a short public service announcement from these two could help.
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Colorectal Cancer / Living with an Ostomy

Postby holycow101 » Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:08 am

This is good dialogue. I was stage 3 and now have a permanent ostomy. Did you know, Hollister has labeled me and others like me Ostomates? That cracked me up.

Nearly everyday I irrigate my colon with 1500 cc's of warm distilled water. It's a mechanical ordeal because I refused to live with pooping in a bag whenever my body decided to do it. While it can be difficult at times, my days are less preoccupied with pooping and passing gas uncontrollably and more about working and enjoying life.

I like to swim and I have a special belt I wear over my pouch to conceal it because I'm not comfortable with the bag being seen as I wonder that people might think it's not sanitary. Actually peoples bare butt holes in a swimming suit is less sanitary that I am. I swim in my own pool and not in public but when guests come over I don't get into the pool.

Ostomies tend to cause hernias as well and I have a bulging belly as a result of a hernia that I'm told can't be repaired. Or rather can but it will just happen again due to the placement of the ostomy.

I'm making a documentary film. Called "Up Yours"
but also visit my You Tube site where there are 5 free videos that will touch your heart and have already moved so many people into action:

Let your voice be heard by writing comments and dialoging in front of the world about this "taboo" subject. Subscribe to my free You Tube site and make comments, let the world know what you are thinking and dealing with and help me normalize and demystify poop, anus, sphinters, colons and rectal bleeding. I'm one of the top 5 most subscribed You Tube sites and in 3 weeks have had nearly 5000 hits. That's a lot of impressions. I'm also in the iTunes Store, search "Up Yours". Keep talking. No matter how bad we might feel for what we're going through, somebody always has it worse. And while sometimes I think dying would be easier than all this, my wife and children would disagree.

Love and blessings.


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Postby Magnolia » Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:50 am

I can't remember Charlie's name, but I can see his face in my mind, which is funny because you never saw his face in the show. He played in lots of other stuff. The other two "angels" had breast cancer. That's a lot of cancer in one cast! Definately time to speak out.

Tim, I may go to your site when I get home from work today. I have to scoot right now. I saw it the other day, but didn't post a comment. I'll do that next time.


Thank you for your support

Postby TIM » Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:28 am


Thank you for your support and willingness to speak out. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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Postby Lee » Thu Dec 21, 2006 2:27 pm

I believe the guy who played Charley (or rather his voice) on Charley's Angels was John Forsight (sorry can't spell his name correctly, but is pronouced like that). He also started in another TV series called Dynasty, with Joan Collins, Linda Evans (of The Big Valley TV series). The Big Valley is where Lee Majors got his break and was once married to Farrah F. It's a small world sometimes.
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Postby Holly » Fri Dec 29, 2006 12:34 pm

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I think we will learn more about the virus connection

Postby Guest » Wed Jan 03, 2007 10:18 pm

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